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ARCO - Ayurvedic solution for joint pain

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Available In: 60 tablets, 120 tablets


Most people face age-related problems like

  • Knee Pain,
  • Joint Pain,
  • Back Pain,
  • Slip Disc,
  • sciatica and recurring cramps

These crop up because of the accumulation of ‘aamdosh’ in a body. Due to this, it results in internal swelling, nerve inflammation, obstruction of blood flow and decreased lubrication in the joints. Hence, ayurveda recommends useful ingredients like punarnava, rasna, haridra, shuddha guggal, gokshur ashwagandha, jasadbhashma to get rid of the `aam-vish`, accumulated in different parts of the body. Sharangdhar’s Arco has formulated with the correct proportions these ingredients and hence it is best ayurvedic medicine for knee pain and joint pain or Arthritis.

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