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An ayurvedic medicine for Stress, Insomnia and High Bp


*How Brenkam helps to contorl Insomnia, High BP and stress?
-Brahmi, Shankhapuahpi acts as a nervine tonic. It is also useful in mental weakness and improving memory.
-Vacha stimulates brain cells and improves memory.
-Jatamansi helps to improve blood circulation of brain. It also controls high blood pressure.
-Ashwagandha subsides vitiated vata dosha of nervous system and strengthens nervous system. It is useful in conditions like anxiety, depression nervousness.
*How Brenkam is different from other sedatives?
-Long term use of sedatives(sleeping pills) leads to tolerance and adverse effects. Sharangdhar Brenkam reduces vitiated Vata dosha and thus improves mechanism of sleep.

-It is good nervine and brain tonic. So it is useful in Insomnia.
* Indications-
-Anxiety,Depression, nervousness
-High blood pressure
-emotional instability
-menopausal complaints

2 tablets twice a day after half an hour of meal with water for 3 months.

*Supportive medicines-
.Shatavari Compound- 2 tabs twice a day after meal for 2 months
.Pachak vati-2 tabs twice a day after meal for 2 monrhs.
.Shavidha hair oil- to apply it on head everyday

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