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BRENKAM - Ayurvedic solution for healthy nervous system and brain

Rs. 274.50 Rs. 305.00

Available In: 60 Tablets, 120 Tablets

For the treatment of Blood pressure controller, mental stress, insomnia.

Composition: Each tablet contains: Vacha (Acorus calamus), Sarpgandha (Rauwolfia serpentina) 20mg each, Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi), Ashwagandha (Vithania somnifera), Bramhi (Bacopa monnieria), Shankhapushpi (Evolvulus alisinoides) 40mg each, Binders and Excipients q.s.

Information: A healthy body is a result of a healthy mind. However, with today`s fast-paced lifestyle, everyone – right from students to the elderly- is stressed out. Tension or mental fatigue can lead to several ailments like diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems, skin diseases and so on. Thus, it is essential for the brain and nervous system to stay in good health. Ayurved recommends shankhpushpi, ashwagandha, vacha, jatamansi, sarpagandha and bramhi that work on the nervous system. Brenkam is a ayurvedic medicine for depression which contains all these ingredients, helps to maintain good emotional and mental health while enhancing memory and cognition as well. It also helps in sound sleep in case you are suffering from insomnia. This helps to control blood pressure, thus preparing us for the challenges we face in everyday life. 

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