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KRUMINA SHARANGDHAR AYURVEDA- Ayurvedic Solution For Worms Problems

Rs. 240.00

Available In: 60 Tablets, 120 Tablets

Composition: Vidanga (Emblica ribes) 60mg, Vacha (Acorus calamus) 20mg, Latakaranj (Caesalpinia bondusa) 40mg, Trivrut (Mallotus phillippinesis) 20mg, Palasha (Butua frondosa) 40mg, Nadi Hingu (Gardenia gummifera) 40mg, Chauhar (Artemisia maritima) 40mg, Karpoor (camphor) 0.1mg, Pepperment Oil 0.5ml

Information: There are around 20 types of krumis (intestinal parasites) described in Ayurved. Medicines available in the market normally work well against roundworms. However, the eggs of the other krumis stay as they are and become a major cause for worry when the digestive system is impaired. Krumina contains ingredients like nadihingu, vidang, vekhand, latakaranj, tirvruta, kampillak, palash, kapur and chowhaar that arrest the growth of all kinds of intestinal parasites and eradicate them. Krumina is especially effective when the cause of an ailment is undetectable. Krumis are the root cause of several ailments and it is a myth that adults are not susceptible to them. Usually, it is believed that only children suffer due to intestinal parasites because of their lifestyle, eating mud or sweets and chocolates, and so on.

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