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SHAVIDHA SHARANGDHAR AYURVEDA- Ayurvedic Solution for hair loss

Rs. 275.00

Available In: 60 Tablets, 120 Tablets

 For the treatment of hair related problems, nourishes hair internally.

Information: Dandruff, split ends, hair fall, premature greying of hair and baldness are a result of malnutrition of the roots, calcium deficiency, hormonal imbalance, continuous exposure to the sun, long-term illness and excessive or inappropriate use of chemical shampoos. External application of oil is not enough and the body needs elements like arjun, ashwagandha, suvarna makshikbhasma, vidarikand and shatavari that nurture the hair. All these nutrients are included in Shavidha. Thus, taking it regularly will help you get rid of hair problems. Shavidha nourishes hair internally and hence has a long-term effect.

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