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TRIPURSUNDARI FACE PACK SHARANGDHAR AYURVEDA- Ayurvedic face pack for healthy skin.

Rs. 125.00

Available In: 50 gms

For the treatment of black moles, dark circles under eyes, pimples.

Composition: Neem Patra 5.5 gm, Hirda, Behada, Amala each 5.5 gm, papaya, mosambi sal, Shalmali kalk, Almond, Yashtimadhu, Nutmeg

Information: Facial skin is always exposed to pollution and hence, more efforts have to be taken in this regard. Special ingredients recommended by Ayurved are included in Sharangdhar Tripur Sundari Face Pack to get rid of skin complaints, black moles, black circles under the eyes, and so on.

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