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Pentacid- Ayurvedic medicine for Acidity

Pentacid- Ayurvedic medicine for Acidity
Acidity is more common than you think. About 7. 6% of people report heart burn at least once a week.
When we eat food it goes through the oesophagus and then into the stomach. Stomach secrets acid for food breakdown during digestion. Excess production of acid by glands of stomach leads to a condition called `Acidity' or `Hyper acidity'.
*Causes of acidity-
-Excess intake of oily, spicy, sour, salty food. example junk food, Chinese, Non veg.
•⁠ ⁠excess intake of tea coffee
•⁠ ⁠excess intake of alcohol
•⁠ ⁠improper dietary habits ,irregular meal times, long intervals between meals- example fasting
-Sedentary lifestyle
-Stress, anxiety
-Sleep deprivation
-weather changes example extreme sunlight
-Certain medicines such that OCP painkillers
-Pregnancy or hormonal changes
* Symptoms of acidity-
-heartburn (a burning sensation in the middle of chest)
-Pain in the middle of chest or in upper abdomen
•⁠ ⁠nausea
-itter taste in mouth
-Skin rashes
-Discomfort in upper abdomen
-Dry cough
-Loose motions
Frequent heart burn many times a week may be a symptom of GERD that is Gastro oesophageal Reflux disease. According to Ayurveda acidity is caused by abnormally high concentration of Pitta. Normal that is prakrut pitta is necessary for proper digestion of food. But due to above causes pitta gets vitiated and it leads to condition like acidity that is Amlapitta.
Pentacid is best Ayurvedic treatment for hyper acidity. With Sharangdhar's pentacid we can ease acidity naturally. Pentacid an ayurvedic antacid tablet is effective against acidity, burning in the stomach, belching uneasiness and other related problems. Many people get relief after vomiting those who are unable to get rid of it can face problems like pimples, skin diseases.Pentaid an ayurvedic acidity treatment acts on the acid, thus eliminating the root cause of such ailments. This Ayurvedic medicine will instantly reduce acidity.
*Contents of Pentacid-
-Shunthi choorna
-Shankha bhasma
Gopichandan, Sajjikshar helps to neutralize acid in the stomach giving instant relief. Shunthi and Shankha bhasma regulates proper digestion of food.Shunthi is digestive, stimulant and removes toxins out of the body. Shunthi controls production of gases so it is a good appetizer.
Sajjikshar is taste bud stimulant, carminative and appetizer. Shankha bhasma and gairik have cooling effects all over the body. They act as antacids and also control blood diseases that arises due to chronic gastric disturbances.This formula also had a soothing and anti inflammatory effect on the gastric mucus membrane. Thus helps to control conditions like gastric ulcers.
* How is Pentacid different from other antacids?
Many popular antacids, including some Ayurvedic medicine for acidity are fast-acting, but there effects remain for a short period of time. Long term use of this antacids leads to tolerance, and medication becomes less effective. Sharangdhar Pentacid-an ayurvedic antacid medicine, also has antiemetic properties. This Ayurvedic acidity tablet nourishes acid and also controls secretions of gastric acids. The effects of Sharangdhar Pentacid are long lasting. So it prevents secretions of gastric acids and also erosion of stomach. It is a chewable, natural, herbal, tasty antacid with no side effects like diarrhoea or constipation.
*Dose- two tablets twice a day after half an hour of meal with water for 3 months
*Supportive medicines- All the products by sharangdhar are very effective and proven. On an average the effect will be visible within a month of taking this medicines. If your experience is different it is possible that the root cause has got deeply routed in your body. By taking supportive medicines along with the main medicines the disease can be treated from its root cause.
= Pachak Vati- 2 Tablets twice a day after meal for 2 months.
= Sukhasarak Vati one tablet at night after meal for 2 months
So in this way Ayurveda for hyper acidity will work.
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