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GANDHAR ABHYANGA OIL- Ayurvedic GandharOil to improve skin complexion

Rs. 105.00
Quantity :- 60 ml 
Ayuvedic  Gandhar oil for Skin tonic improves skin complexion, reduces vata dosh, helps to burn excess fat


Method of Use – Required amount of oil is taken on the palm or in a bowl and is used for the massage of the whole body till it gets absorbed in the skin.

Therapeutic Action: – 

  • Skin Tonic.
  • Improves skin complexion.
  • As the base of Gandhar oil is til tail (Sesame oil), it reduces vata dosha.
  • Massage with til oil help s to burn fat of those suffering from obesity.

Indications: –

  • For healthy, Glowing, Soft Skin
  • All vataja disorders
  • For skin tone improvement
  • Obesity

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