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GANDHAR UTANE - Ayurvedic solution for healthy & glowing skin

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Available In: 20 gms
Ayurvedic Utane for  tanned skin, blackish discoloration over (chloasma), for healthy & glowing skin, helps to burn unwanted fat deposited under the skin.
Method of Use: Required amount of Utane is taken on the palm or in a bowl and is mixed with a sufficient quantity of water. This mixture is rubbed all over the body (use it as a soap just before the bath).

Therapeutic Action:

  • Gandhar Utane contains Ayurvedic herbal powders that nourish the skin by removing the sticky and oily layer of the skin, leaving it fresh and smooth.
  • Also helps to burn unwanted fat deposited under the skin.


  • Pimples, Black Moles¬†
  • Tanned skin
  • Blackish discoloration over face (chloasma)
  • Obesity / Overweight¬†
  • For healthy, glowing, soft skin